Pawel Pulawski #APNrider39

Pawel Pulawski

Polish Flag

I’m bicycle messenger from Wroclaw, Poland, riding daily my beloved Bullitt.

I do have some experience with long distance racing and after anti-brexit fixed gear ride from UK to Poland in 2016 I’ve entered The Transcontinental Race no 5 and finished it with Black Jersey. I’m also fastest fixed gear rider of Indian Pacific Wheel Race and TransatlanticWay Race 2018 8th rider on the finish line.

Riding “Up North” was on my bucket list for some time, so doing APN is a “must”.

Currently riding handmade Hultaj gravel bike. I’m a Bullitt lover and family guy.


1 - Brimham Rocks

24th May 23:55

Pawel Pulawski at Brimham Rocks

2 - Haworth

25th May 02:33

Pawel at Haworth

3 - Slaidburn

25th May 04:55

Pawel at Slaidburn

4 - Arnside Promenade

25th May 07:34

Pawel at Arnside

5 - Tan Hill Inn

25th May 11:49

Pawel at Tan Hill Inn

6 - Great Dun Fell

25th May 15:11

Pawel at Great Dun Fell

7 - Kielder

25th May 21:16

Pawel at Kielder

8 - Whitby Abbey

26th May 07:31

Pawel at Whitby

9 - Flamborough Lighthouse

26th May 10:42

Pawel at Flamborough

10 - Heeley Institute

26th May 17:28  |  45 hours 28 mins

Pawel Pulawski
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