What does my entrance fee cover?

The entrance fee will include a race cap, space blanket, reflective harness, refreshments and snacks at the start line and finisher’s meal at Event HQ.

What insurance do I need?

All riders will need their own third party liability insurance.

For UK riders, this is usually covered by membership of British Cycling or Cycling UK. You will need to bring evidence of your current membership to one of these organisations to registration. If you have a separate insurance, you will need to bring along evidence of this to registration.

For overseas riders, please ensure that you have travel insurance and that it covers you for taking part in cycling events.

How do I contact you?

You can call us on +44 (0) 114 250 7717 and ask to speak to Ang or Tori. Or you can email us at ride@allpointsnorth.cc.

During the event, riders will be provided with a mobile phone number to contact us on.

How competitive do you anticipate the event to be? Will you create an environment to accommodate varying abilities?

We’d like to open up the event to all those wishing to give it a go. The only requirement is that you understand the risks involved in participating in an unsupported, long-distance cycling event and have some prior experience of solo expeditions and/or similar endurance events.

If you’d like to make it back in time for the finisher’s meal at 8pm on Sunday, 5th June, you will have 72 hours in which to cycle between all 10 checkpoints. The Event HQ will remain open until noon on Monday, which gives you 88 hours in total if you’re a regular rider, or 96 hours if you’re a rookie rider, allowing you to ride at a steadier pace or have longer stops.

In comparison, an Audax event would give you 75 hours for a 1000km event and you would also be required to follow a set route.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel for any reason, as long as you cancel before 10th March 2022, you will receive a refund minus a £10 admin fee. This provides us with a 12-week gap to offer the place to another rider and enable them to have enough time to train to take part.

After 10th March we aren’t going to offer refunds as we think it won’t allow us enough time to fill the place and give the new entrant enough time to get ready, and we don’t really want to encourage unprepared riders to take part.

Will any of the checkpoints offer a place to sleep?

Event HQ will offer a place to kip for riders that arrive back late on Saturday or Sunday. However, this may change if any new COVID restrictions come into place that prevent us from offering this.

There are no event organised places to sleep at the other checkpoints.

Will any of the checkpoints offer food?

There will be food and refreshments at the Event HQ. There will be no food supplied at any of the other checkpoints. This is a fully self-supported event and so once you’re on the road, it’s up to you to source your own food supplies.

Will any of the checkpoints be staffed?

Event crew will only be at the Event HQ in Sheffield. There will be no crew on the road or at any of the other checkpoints.

Can accommodation be pre-booked?

Accommodation can’t be booked in advance until the event starts, and then only for the night ahead. The reasoning behind this is that riders book speculative accommodation that they subsequently end up not using and it denies other riders of a bed for the night.

What COVID measures are being put in place?

We will running All Points North in accordance with the latest UK government’s COVID guidelines for mass participation events. This is constantly under review as they are changing all the time. However, we will be issuing a more detailed COVID plan in the run up to the event and this will be emailed to all riders and published on the website.