All Points North 2021

All Points North is a self-supported, ultra-distance, endurance cycling event.

Riders will set off from our event HQ on Saturday 4th September with the challenge to ride to 10 control points spread around the north of England and return to event HQ for a finisher’s meal at 8pm on Tuesday 7th September. Riders are able to choose their own route around the checkpoints and can either ride solo or as a pair. Once out on the road, riders have to be completely self-sufficient, are unable to accept support from anyone and must follow the event rules.

This year there are three categories:

  • Rookie Riders (20 riders) – start at midday and get an extra 8 hours to complete the event.
  • Solo Riders (46 riders)
  • Pairs (7 pairs)

Applications for APN21 have now closed. Take a look at this year’s list of Riders.


Starts Sat 4th September 2021

Runswick Bay

Start & Finish in Sheffield
10 Checkpoints
Approx 1000km
Free route


This event is brought to you by


A not-for-profit, community bike shop in Sheffield
A Different Gear

Apidura Race Repair Service

The team at Apidura pride themselves on making products that are Built to Last. The longer a pack remains in use, the lower the environmental impact of the resources used to make it and the more adventures you and your pack can go on. However, even high quality, long lasting gear can show the scars of their years of service and rather than replace them and encourage throw away culture, Apidura believes in repairing and making good.

Apidura repair service

The Apidura Race Repair Service gives riders the chance to revive any kit that bears the scars of the race. This service is available for bags and equipment from any manufacturer – simply bring your broken gear to the finish line, where Apidura’s master craftsperson will be available to fix up your gear before you head home. While you’re waiting, share some stories from your race, tell us about the scratches on your gear and chat to us about kit choices and how to keep your gear working like new for longer.