1. Riders must accept full responsibility for their own ride and route

None of the control points, other than event HQ, will be staffed so once you’re out on the road you’re on your own. As there’s no official route, there’s also no support crew or sag wagon. If you get lost you will have to figure out where you are. If you scratch you’ll need to inform the event director as soon as you can and you’ll be expected to make your own way back to event HQ or just get yourself home.


2. Riders must visit all ten control points and record their visit

Riders must visit all ten control points (nine plus the start/finish control) and record their visit with a photograph of their bike and answer the associated question on their brevet card. Check out the Locations page for more info on how to do this. You must validate all of your control visits before arriving back at event HQ.


3. Riders must carry a mobile phone in order to validate their ride

The phone must be capable of taking and texting photographs. It is the rider’s responsibility to make sure that their phone has credit and battery life for the duration of the event.


4. Riders must be completely self-sufficient and not receive any third-party assistance

This includes private lodgings and meals en-route. In order to ensure equal opportunity for all riders, food, accommodation and spares should only be purchased at commercial outlets available to all entrants – you can’t pop round to your Aunty Mavis’s for a bacon buttie just because she happens to live along the route you’ve planned.


5. Riders must carry all of their own supplies and equipment

Riders must carry all of their own supplies and equipment and they must finish the event with the same equipment that they started with – no ditching the sleeping bag in a bin on your final day to save a bit of weight.


6. Unless riding as part of a pair, no drafting is allowed

Solo riders should aim to ride alone for the duration of the event – even if you catch up with other riders along the way please don’t buddy up for long stretches of the ride. If you want to ride with your buddy then enter as a pair.


7. Riders must have their own third-party liability insurance

Riders must have their own third-party liability insurance and provide documentation of this at registration. This type of insurance is provided as part of the standard membership offer of Cycling UK and British Cycling so you will need to bring a current membership card along with you.


8. Front and rear lights are compulsory

Front and rear lights are compulsory and will be checked at registration. Lights on a bicycle are required by law in the UK if riding between dusk and dawn. Riders will be responsible for keeping their lights charged throughout the duration of the event.


9. Riders’ bikes must be in a roadworthy condition with fully-functioning brakes

Bikes will be checked over at registration to check that they are in roadworthy condition with fully-functioning brakes.


10. Riders must follow the Highway Code and observe all UK traffic laws while riding on road

Be nice to other road users and please do not take any risks with your own safety or the safety of others. Please don’t litter – find a bin for your rubbish or take it home with you.

Other than at event HQ, we have no event crew on the ground, therefore we rely completely on the goodwill and integrity of every rider to ensure that the above rules are adhered to. If, while riding, you become aware of another rider/s not following the rules we would like to hear about it.