Registration Process

Since we announced the entry date last week, we have had an overwhelming response of registrations of interest, including a fair number from riders who have never taken part in an event like this before. This has caused us to rethink the way we’re going to manage the application process on Monday when entries open.

We want to make sure that everyone who enters All Points North is fully aware that it will be an unsupported event and understands the implications of what that means.

So, to try and ensure that this happens, the application process will be as follows.

On Monday at noon we will upload the entry page to the site. Here you will find an entry form to complete with a series of conditions that you’ll need to read through and a box to tick for each one. There will also be a section for you to fill in where we ask you to give examples of prior experience of looking after yourself during similar events or other outdoor activities.

You don’t need to regale us with tales of great bravery, we just need you to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the event format and the potential risks involved. In order to visit some of the control points you will need to cycle through remote moorland and exposed terrain and we need to be comfortable that you have the skills and equipment to look after yourself should a situation arise.

Once we’ve received your completed form and checked that it’s all OK, you will be emailed a link to pay online via Square Register. This link will remain active for 48 hours, after which the place will be offered to another entrant. The ‘personal statement’, along with the 48-hour time gap, allows you to have some time to reflect on your entry rather than just pressing a button and paying the entry fee.

We are also aware that there’s a long time period between now and next May and your circumstances can change, so if you need to cancel for any reason, as long as you cancel before February 24th, 2019, you will receive a refund minus a £10 admin fee. This provides us with a 12-week gap to offer the place to another rider and enable them to have enough time to train to take part. After February 24th we aren’t going to offer refunds as we think it won’t allow us enough time to fill the place and give the new entrant enough time to get ready, and we don’t really want to encourage unprepared riders to take part.

We hope you’ll understand our reasoning for approaching the application process in this way and that it won’t put you off from entering.

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