1st - BRADLEY WOODRUFFE (77) - 46 hours 26 minutes

Bradley Woodruffe
Bradley Woodruffe's APN21 route

967km with 13,390m of ascent

Sat 23:27Beverley
Sun 02:13Rievaulx
Sun 04:32Runswick Bay
Sun 09:13Grassholme
Sun 14:56Coquetdale
Sun 22:46Honister
Mon 03:14Silverdale
Mon 06:05Dent
Mon 07:59Malham Tarn
Mon 12:02Leeds Pal
Mon 18:26Heeley Institute

2nd - PAWEL PULAWSKI (1) - 46 hours 27 minutes

Pawel Pulawski
Pawel Pulawski's APN21 route

956km with 12,711m of ascent

Sun 00:29Leeds Pal
Sun 03:24Malham Tarn
Sun 05:17Dent
Sun 07:18Silverdale
Sun 11:13Honister
Sun 19:01Coquetdale
Mon 02:14Grassholme
Mon 07:29Runswick Bay
Mon 10:31Rievaulx
Mon 14:07Beverley
Mon 18:27Heeley Institute

3rd - SHAWN DUFFY (40) - 48 hours 53 minutes

Shawn Duffy
Shawn Duffy's APN21 route
Sat 23:47Beverley
Sun 03:01Rievaulx
Sun 05:50Runswick Bay
Sun 10:48Grassholme
Sun 17:32Coquetdale
Mon 02:14Honister
Mon 06:52Silverdale
Mon 09:23Dent
Mon 11:48Malham Tarn
Mon 14:59Leeds Pal
Mon 20:53Heeley Institute

4th - LOGAN MILLS (54) - 50 hours 22 minutes

Logan Mills
Logan Mill's APN21 route

918km with 12,100m of ascent

Sun 01:35Malham Tarn
Sun 03:23Dent
Sun 06:25Silverdale
Sun 11:51Honister
Sun 19:02Coquetdale
Mon 04:57Grassholme
Mon 08:25Leeds Pal
Mon 10:58Rievaulx
Mon 13:51Runswick Bay
Mon 18:08Beverley
Mon 22:22Heeley Institute

5th - TIMOTHY WELSH (53) - 50 hours 24 minutes

Timothy Welsh
Timothy Welsh's APN21 route
Sun 00:49Malham Tarn
Sun 02:28Dent
Sun 04:31Silverdale
Sun 08:47Honister
Sun 16:45Coquetdale
Mon 02:16Grassholme
Mon 07:17Leeds Pal
Mon 10:30Rievaulx
Mon 13:41Runswick Bay
Mon 18:08Beverley
Mon 22:24Heeley Institute

6th - CALLUM JAMES (43) - 50 hours 34 minutes

All Points North cap
Callum James' APN21 route
Sat 23:57Beverley
Sun 04:27Runswick Bay
Sun 08:01Rievaulx
Sun 10:07Leeds Pal
Sun 13:45Grassholme
Sun 19:49Coquetdale
Mon 09:02Honister
Mon 13:00Silverdale
Mon 15:27Dent
Mon 17:06Malham Tarn
Mon 22:34Heeley Institute

7th - CHARLOTTE THOMPSON (29) - 52 hours 53 minutes

Charlotte Thompson
Charlotte Thompson's APN21 route
Sat 23:37Beverley
Sun 03:55Runswick Bay
Sun 06:56Rievaulx
Sun 09:36Leeds Pal
Sun 13:32Grassholme
Sun 21:03Coquetdale
Mon 09:53Honister
Mon 14:08Silverdale
Mon 16:40Dent
Mon 18:38Malham Tarn
Tue 00:53Heeley Institute

8th - DAVID SHERRINGTON (24) - 55 hours 29 minutes

David Sherrington
David Sherrington's APN21 route
Sat 23:28Beverley
Sun 02:39Rievaulx
Sun 05:23Runswick Bay
Sun 10:17Grassholme
Sun 16:53Coquetdale
Mon 08:09Honister
Mon 12:24Silverdale
Mon 14:46Dent
Mon 17:01Malham Tarn
Mon 19:58Leeds Pal
Tue 03:39Heeley Institute

9th - RUPERT ROBINSON (37) - 60 hours 16 minutes

Rupert Robinson
Rupert Robinson's APN21 route
Sat 23:48Beverley
Sun 02:55Rievaulx
Sun 05:56Runswick Bay
Sun 15:36Coquetdale
Mon 03:34Grassholme
Mon 07:01Honister
Mon 12:15Silverdale
Mon 15:16Dent
Mon 17:38Malham Tarn
Mon 21:34Leeds Pal
Tue 08:16Heeley Institute

10th - ADAM GREEN (6) - 60 hours 47 minutes

Adam Green
Adam Green's APN21 route
Sun 00:01Beverley
Sun 04:42Runswick Bay
Sun 07:39Rievaulx
Sun 10:27Leeds Pal
Sun 14:28Grassholme
Sun ?Coquetdale
Mon 12:07Honister
Mon 16:33Silverdale
Mon 19:09Dent
Mon 21:30Malham Tarn
Tue 08:47Heeley Institute

11th - WILL SCHRIMSHAW (71) - 61 hours 51 minutes

Will Scrimshaw
Will Scrimshaw's APN21 route
Sun 01:32Leeds Pal
Sun 05:12Malham Tarn
Sun 06:54Dent
Sun 09:19Silverdale
Sun 14:00Honister
Sun 19:30Grassholme
Mon 07:00Coquetdale
Mon 18:02Runswick Bay
Mon 21:38Rievaulx
Tue 03:19Beverley
Tue 09:51Heeley Institute

12th - MAT IVINGS (55) - 61 hours 58 minutes

Mat Ivings
Mat Iving's APN21 route
Sat 23:38Beverley
Sun 06:45Rievaulx
Sun 09:12Runswick Bay
Sun 14:01Grassholme
Sun 19:54Coquetdale
Mon 10:26Honister
Mon 14:41Silverdale
Mon 17:04Dent
Mon 18:58Malham Tarn
Mon 22:13Leeds Pal
Tue 09:58Heeley Institute

13th - JOE LE SAGE (52) - 65 hours 48 minutes

Joe Le Sage
Joe Le Sage's APN21 route
Sun 02:00Leeds Pal
Sun 05:14Malham Tarn
Sun 07:16Dent
Sun 09:23Silverdale
Sun 14:24Honister
Mon 07:59Coquetdale
Mon 15:34Grassholme
Mon 21:38Runswick Bay
Tue 04:42Rievaulx
Tue 08:42Beverley
Tue 13:50Heeley Institute

14th - MARK SMITH (12) - 66 hours 57 minutes

Mark Smith
Mark Smith's APN21 route
Sun 01:01Malham Tarn
Sun 02:56Dent
Sun 05:08Silverdale
Sun 09:26Honister
Sun 18:06Coquetdale
Mon 10:55Grassholme
Mon 14:56Leeds Pal
Mon 17:55Rievaulx
Mon 21:39Runswick Bay
Tue 08:58Beverley
Tue 14:57Heeley Institute

15th - KATE HARGREAVES (18) - 68 hours 18 minutes

Kate Hargreaves
Kate Hargreave's APN21 route
Sun 01:54Leeds Pal
Sun 05:16Malham Tarn
Sun 07:20Dent
Sun 09:27Silverdale
Sun 14:22Honister
Sun ?Coquetdale
Mon 13:54Grassholme
Mon 20:56Runswick Bay
Tues 04:49Rievaulx
Tue 09:56Beverley
Tue 16:18Heeley Institute

16th - JAKE MCCREEDY-EVANS (31) - 69 hours 27 minutes

All Points North cap
Jake McCreedy-Evans' APN21 route
Sat 23:50Beverley
Sun 03:25Rievaulx
Sun 06:12Runswick Bay
Sun 16:35Coquetdale
Mon 11:02Grassholme
Mon 15:57Honister
Mon 20:03Silverdale
Tue 05:13Dent
Tue 08:36Leeds Pal
Tue 12:06Malham Tarn
Tue 17:27Heeley Institute

17th - KEVIN STUART (30) - 69 hours 55 minutes

All Points North cap
Kevin Stuart's APN21 route
Sun 01:33Leeds Pal
Sun 05:25Malham Tarn
Sun 07:40Dent
Sun 10:08Silverdale
Sun 15:44Honister
Mon 05:22Coquetdale
Mon 14:40Grassholme
Mon 21:58Runswick Bay
Tue 03:14Rievaulx
Tue 11:09Beverley
Tue 17:55Heeley Institute

18th - TRYSTAN SANDERS (57) - 69 hours 56 minutes

Trystan Sanders
Trystan Sanders' APN21 route
Sun 02:14Malham Tarn
Sun 04:29Dent
Sun 07:16Silverdale
Sun 11:51Honister
Sun 23:00Coquetdale
Mon 12:50Grassholme
Mon 18:21Leeds Pal
Mon 21:07Rievaulx
Tue 05:38Runswick Bay
Tue 12:13Beverley
Tue 17:56Heeley Institute

19th - GEORGE BENNETT (28) - 71 hours 1 minute

George Bennett
George Bennett's APN21 route
Sun 02:10Leeds Pal
Sun 07:13Malham Tarn
Sun 08:54Dent
Sun 11:48Silverdale
Sun 16:39Honister
Mon 05:27Grassholme
Mon 14:33Coquetdale
Tue 05:21Runswick Bay
Tue 09:10Rievaulx
Tue 13:16Beverley
Tue 19:01Heeley Institute

20th - LUCY HURN (42) - 72 hours 41 minutes

Lucy Hurn
Lucy Hurn's APN21 route
Sun 02:36Leeds Pal
Sun 07:08Malham Tarn
Sun 08:54Dent
Sun 11:45Silverdale
Sun 16:51Honister
Mon 10:12Coquetdale
Mon 18:15Grassholme
Tue 06:53Runswick Bay
Tue 10:53Rievaulx
Tue 15:25Beverley
Tue 20:41Heeley Institute

21st - CAROLYN CHAMBERS (33) - 75 hours 10 minutes

Carolyn Chambers
Carolyn Chamber's APN21 route
Sun 00:33Beverley
Sun 05:58Runswick Bay
Sun 09:56Rievaulx
Sun 13:01Leeds Pal
Sun 18:19Malham Tarn
Sun 21:39Dent
Mon 06:16Silverdale
Mon 11:22Honister
Tue 03:25Coquetdale
Tue 11:12Grassholme
Tue 23:10Heeley Institute

22nd - NIKKI RAY (38) - 75 hours 19 minutes

Nikki Ray
Nikki Ray's APN21 route
Sun 02:18Leeds Pal
Sun 07:30Malham Tarn
Sun 09:12Dent
Sun 12:00Silverdale
Sun 17:58Honister
Mon 07:31Grassholme
Mon 17:48Coquetdale
Tue 09:14Runswick Bay
Tue 12:52Rievaulx
Tue 17:39Beverley
Tue 23:19Heeley Institute

23rd - DAN MORTON (45) - 75 hours 28 minutes

Dan Morton
Dan Morton's APN21 route
Sun 00:28Beverley
Sun 04:15Rievaulx
Sun 09:46Runswick Bay
Sun 22:39Coquetdale
Mon 16:20Honister
Mon 21:58Silverdale
Tue 01:58Malham Tarn
Tue 07:22Dent
Tue 11:17Grassholme
Tue 16:17Leeds Pal
Tue 23:28Heeley Institute

24th - ANISA AUBIN (14) - 85 hours 28 minutes

Anisa Aubin #APN20RIDER14
Anisa Aubin's APN21 route
Sun 02:47Rievaulx
Sun 06:56Leeds Pal
Sun 11:39Malham Tarn
Sun 14:19Dent
Sun 16:59Silverdale
Sun 23:45Honister
Mon 15:01Coquetdale
Tue 09:30Grassholme
Tue 12:17Runswick Bay
Tue 21:04Beverley
Wed 09:28Heeley Institute

25th - DAVID PALMER (23) - 87 hours 38 minutes

David Palmer
David Palmer's APN21 route
Sun 01:18Leeds Pal
Sun 07:07Malham Tarn
Sun 08:54Dent
Sun 12:31Silverdale
Sun 20:58Honister
Mon 17:20Coquetdale
Tue 09:41Grassholme
Tue 15:44Runswick Bay
Tue 20:31Rievaulx
Wed 06:38Beverley
Wed 11:38Heeley Institute

26th - BEN LIGUZ (41) - 115 hours 57 minutes

Ben Liguz
Ben Liguz's APN21 route
Sun 08:58Silverdale
Sun 15:05Honister
Mon 08:16Coquetdale
Tue 00:00Grassholme
Tue 11:23Dent
Tue 15:16Malham Tarn
Tue 21:40Leeds Pal
Wed 10:09Rievaulx
Wed 15:14Runswick Bay
Thu 08:12Beverley
Thu 15:57Heeley Institute

Special Mention - JOHN BASTON (60)

John returned home on Tuesday evening to celebrate his wedding anniversary. Despite knowing he wouldn’t officially be placed on the leaderboard, he continued his ride to the finish line a couple of days later.

John Baston reaches A Different Gear
John Baston's APN21 route
Sat 23:39Beverley
Sun 04:15Runswick Bay
Sun 08:08Rievaulx
Sun 10:50Leeds Pal
Sun 15:19Grassholme
Mon 01:19Coquetdale
Mon 21:31Honister
Tue 09:01Silverdale
Tue 13:49Dent
Tue 17:56Malham Tarn
Thu 15:00A Different Gear