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Where we are at…

Thanks for waiting patiently for us to make a decision about this year’s edition of All Points North. Hope you’ve all been doing OK during the last couple of months and not going too stir crazy trapped inside.

As all of the riders should’ve been setting off from the Heeley Institute this Friday, it’s a fitting time for us to get in touch and let you know where we are at with our plans to reschedule the event.

Quite a few of you have contacted us asking if it would still be possible to run All Points North this year in some format that at least enables entrants to ride their planned routes to the checkpoints.

We’ve been thinking long and hard over the last few weeks and the least risky solution would be to completely cancel for 2020 and reschedule the event in 2021. However, it’s now looking like lockdown is going to be gradually lifted and, by September, we may be in a position to hold the event, at least in some form.

Despite the fact that Boris wants us all to get back to work as soon as possible, we are expecting that the lifting of restrictions on mass gatherings is still a very long way off, so bringing 80 people together in a room for the pre-event briefing, or the finisher’s meal, may be something that’s still not possible (or sensible) by September.

But we are open to the suggestion of hosting a paired-down event that gives people the opportunity to ride their chosen route over the same weekend. It’s still very much a ‘maybe’ but we have pre-booked our HQ at the Heeley Institute on the weekend of the 5th – 8th September, with the event starting on a Saturday rather than Friday.

How we manage numbers safely is still to be determined. It may be that we have to run the event without a finisher’s party and stagger rider registration and departure into much smaller groups. We are still trying to work all of the logistics out while trying to preempt where we will be as a nation by September.

Registration and finisher’s party aside, there are also a couple of other issues to consider.

At the moment there is no confirmed date for the reopening of hotels and accommodation in the UK, or for restaurants and cafes. Although we are expecting a lot of you to bivy, or rest outdoors, officially wild camping is still illegal in the UK so we need to be careful about how we approach this if no legitimate alternative is available.

We also have entrants who will be travelling from abroad. If the proposed 14-day quarantine restrictions on air passengers are also still in place then it will affect any riders flying into the UK to take part in the event.

We still have to talk to our sponsors, GPS tracking partners and all of the other people that we work with to make All Points North happen in order to make sure that they’re happy with whatever solution we come up with.

We appreciate that this update may not give you the cut-and-dried answer you’re looking for, but if we can make the event happen on the weekend of the 5th-8th September, we will. We’ll make a final decision on this by June 19th.

We understand that the weekend of the 5th-8th September may not work for everyone, so if the event does go ahead then and you can’t make it, we can either defer your entry until APN 2021 or give you a full refund (as long as you make your decision by July 13th).

If we ultimately decide that All Points North can’t take place at all this year and you no longer want to take part in APN 2021, then you’ll be entitled to a full refund (as long as you make your decision by November 23rd).

What we can tell you is that, irrespective of whether we run APN 2020 in September or cancel and defer everyone’s entry to May 2021, we will be choosing a brand new set of checkpoints for May 2021 and they’ll be announced at the end of November.

We would really like to hear what you have to say about our proposed plans so please do post your comments below and share your thoughts  / ideas with us and your fellow riders.

I’m sure you all have some great alternative riding plans for this weekend, but one of our rookies, Vicky Mathwin, is recreating All Points North in the garden on her turbo to raise money for the NHS and Manorlands Hospice in Keighley so please chuck a couple of quid her way if you can: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/vicky-mathwin2

Whatever you do this weekend, have a fantastic one. If you’re out and about on your bikes tag us – @allpointsnorth.cc – in your instagram stories and we will share them.

Take care,

Ang, Tori and the APN team.

8 thoughts on “Event Update”

  1. Seems very sensible, and will await your decision in late June. Would be great to ride if possible. Hopefully a few things may have started to open up by September. Not sure how to get around the wild camping one, but I think one of the strengths of this event is that people will have very different routes, so won’t all be congregating in the same places at the same times.
    The only thing I could think of with the staggered start times, is that we wouldn’t necessarily know who was ‘in the lead’ or where our nearest competition is, if that makes sense? I know we can just push to the max anyway if going for a podium, but not knowing who is where roughly may make that a bit difficult. Though obviously with different routes that could be hard to judge anyway without staggered start times. Just my thoughts anyway!

    One last thought, if you were thinking of doing a pre-race briefing, could this be done virtually? Even if it’s pre-recorded? Then send the recorded/live link out to riders?

  2. Cheers for the update guys and girls.
    It’s such a strange time we are currently living in. Whilst out on the road we are socially distancing yet its the finer logistics which are the headache for this event. Plane travel for those coming from overseas, train travel, coaches and then hotels and hostels. Its all a minefield and with the government not being quick to unlock the lockdown no one can hand on heart say that September will be any different to where we are now especially if there is a second spike etc.
    We also have the added issue that little Nicola Sturgeon may not want the English crossing the border as we zig-zag to reach Berwick. No cyclist wants to be chased down the road by a blue face painted Scotsman shouting “Freedom!!!!!!”

    Personally I had already booked hostels for the event this weekend. I was lucky enough to get a refund but I wouldn’t want to book them again for September without a guarantee that the event will 100% take place as its not fair on the hostel owners and its a hassle chasing up refunds.

    We also have to think about those flying in who at the moment will have to have 14 days in self isolation before they can then take part followed by a further 2 weeks when they return home. Thats 28 days off work just to take part in a 3 day event in the UK.

    As much as I was looking forward to this weekend especially as the weather has now turned great I personally think the best thing is to write 2020 off and plan for a positive 2021.

  3. Thanks for the update, sounds sensible, making tentative plans and gives me a goal, a reason to get up early and train !
    I would love the event to go ahead in some form this year. Staggered briefing starts no finishers party, what ever it takes – from a purely selfish point of view. But on the other hand for the organisers, this must be a night mare trying to juggle something that is ever changing. There must be a lot of making sure your not breaking rules type stuff going on, which will be harder to cope with than riding the bike.
    If the hassle outweighs the enjoyment then cancel til next year.
    Thanks again for organising the event

  4. Fantastic that you have tentative plans to stage All Points North in September – I fully support whatever changes you might deem necessary to make it happen.

  5. Thanks guys. Would have been a great weekend given the weather this weekend but not to be! Happy to proceed with whatever you decide of course. I would be content with those September dates and an outdoor team briefing and no team meal. It would obviously depend on what lock down criteria was in place, if any, at the time, but I’d be more inclined to be up for doing it in September if hotels were more likely than not to be open for at least single occupancy stayers (like we would be) at that time.

  6. Thanks so much for the detailed update – must admit I’d not considered all the difficulties of trying to reschedule… I for one am happy with your plans – if you decide/are able to go ahead with 5-8 Sept, I’m in!

  7. Hi. Thanks for everything you’re doing. As for me, I would prefer to take part in the APN in its original configuration, so I prefer to wait and enter the May 2021 edition.

  8. Thanks for the update. I would love it to go ahead, if only to keep me sane during lock down and motivate me to burn off all the home baking! However, above and beyond the obvious things to think about (like if it being legal at that time) there are a couple of points to consider for APN to go ahead: 1) You don’t want to damage the reputation of the event and potential kill it off forever while trying to run the event when its potentially bending future rules/still social taboo to run something like this. 2) As wild camping is illegal in England you can’t do it unless hotel/hostels/campsites are open, you don’t want to end up with riders cycling in dangerous tired states because they couldn’t find somewhere safe to sleep. 3) Is a late June announcement giving reasonable time for people to train (thinking overnight/multi day training rides) in a still restricted environment/world? 4) Are the event risk assessments still valid, insurance/our personal insurance going to cover us if lockdown is still on in some form? 5) Can you still deliver the APN experience you want people to have? Sorry to be boring, I really want it to go ahead but only if it’s right to do.

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