Our official All Points North event is now rescheduled for May 2021.

Even though lockdown restrictions are being lifted at a rapid rate it still feels like too much of a risk to try and run the event in September – there’s still too much uncertainty and the very real possibility of regional lockdowns in the North. We’d hate to get people’s hopes up and then have to cancel at the last minute because of circumstances out of our control.

But many of this year’s entants still want the opportunity to ride their planned routes and we think it would be a nice idea if everyone could do it in a socially-distanced way, starting on the same weekend.

So instead, we’re going to host  ‘Not All points North’. It’ll be completely free and completely outdoors.

If you’re giving All Points North a go this year and would like some top tips, then
read what one of our riders, Alice Thomson, had to say about last year’s event:

Alice Thomson writes about All Points North


22-25 MAY 2020

Heeley Institute

All Points North 2020 Controls

10 Checkpoints
Approx 1000km
Free route


All Points North is an unsupported journey through the North of England by bicycle. There will be ten control points to ‘check in’ to along the way. The control points will be scattered across the north of England in a roughly circular distribution but with a couple of wildcards thrown in the centre.

Riders will set off from our HQ in Sheffield at 8pm on Friday, 22nd May and make their own way to the ten control points in whichever order they choose to visit them. Riders can choose to ride between controls in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

The course will be approximately 1000 km in length but ultimately the distance that the riders cover will depend on the route that they choose to take. The ride is completely unsupported, so once the riders are out on the road they’re looking after themselves completely. Entrants can choose to ride solo or in a pair.

There are no prizes up for grabs and no official cut-off time, although we are expecting most riders to be back at HQ in Sheffield by the evening of Monday, 25th May and will be serving food to finishers from 8pm onwards.


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